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Videogames (OST and remixes)

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I just come across this guy, he’s made some fucking excellent remakes of VG music with high end samples and recordings.

Lots of Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy, but even some Castlevania and Undertale too.

Really good stuff.

The Killing Game Show theme

downright one of the most bitching tracks in a videogame ever

while we’re on the Amiga…


Skid Row’s crack theme for Lemmings is a real banger

Short silent hill mixtape https://youtu.be/mjYPRuzw0VU

From: deep purple at 2018-12-19 20:53:50
Short silent hill mixtape https://youtu.be/mjYPRuzw0VU

just a few minutes in and this is just chill

Silent Hill is a series I’ve been meaning to play for a long time now, I think this has convinced me to finally do so

thanks for sharing

The Epic Battle Fantasy series has some great music (not to mention the gameplay itself), and I could post like every battle theme, but I’ll settle for just one.

M3chanical C0n-D4mnation

When you hear this in-game, you know shit is about to go down

Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter - Waste Abandonment Pit

BoF5 was a bit of a weird game that was a big departure from the main series, and while it had some flaws here and left a lot of fans disappointed one of the things I think it really nailed was the atmosphere. This track in particular really captures the hopeless feeling of being trapped underground in a dying society threatened by pollution, monsters and a fucked up government and trying to escape all that through old monster infested abandoned tunnels and infrastructure.

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currently listening to the ROR2 soundtrack & deciding whether I want to cover anything on it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJHsClcXEFk

From: deep purple at 2018-12-19 20:53:50
Short silent hill mixtape https://youtu.be/mjYPRuzw0VU

this feels like Silent Hill eccojams, dope

Crash 3 Dingodile boss theme


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Vandal Hearts 2 was a criminally underrated PSX SPRG that almost never see come up in discussions of the genre. It has an outstanding soundtrack that really gets you pumped up for the long and tactical battles you’ll often be thrown in

here are some highlights
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-X5x9sJ4UQ (the start is a little noisy but ride it out it’s a good one)



This dude is the best oddball VG cover guy I’ve seen. He covers everything with banjos. The whole thing, percussion included, all played with banjos. It’s awesome easy listening shit for work or study too when you’re tired of the Lo Fi HipHop meme.

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